My Bucket List

I am a huge believer that we have to go out and make life happen. If we sit down twiddling our thumbs just watching life dwindle by then there's no experiences to be had.

I have had a bucket list for quite a few years now. I mainly have a travel list that I stick to but there are other events and activities I really want to try my hand at. So below is my bucket list and I really hope it inspires you to create one yourself. The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes their way.

My Travel List

Australia - November 2012
New Zealand - February 2015
Iceland - Northern Lights
Rome - September 2011
New York - November 2011
Paris - June 2008 & March 2010
California - March 2012
Disney-world - June 2013
Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Miami - June 2013
Florida Keys - June 2013
Caribbean Island - Tobago September 2014
Edinburgh - June 2011 & April 2014
St Tropez & Cannes
Washington D.C - May 2014
Bora Bora
Las Vegas/ Grand Canyon - March 2012
Kenya - Safari
Lake District - June 2012
Wales - Barry Island - March 2014
Niagara Falls - May 2014
Barcelona - January 2012 & April 2015
Ireland - Dublin & County Wicklow

My Bucket List

Send a message in a bottle
Go on a cruise - November 2012
Try rock climbing - February 2013
See the clock strike midnight in another country on new years
Start a blog and maintain it - July 2008
Organise a fundraiser - September '13/14/15
Try yoga
Go scuba diving
Go on a tandem bike ride
Get married to someone I love
Do race for life - June 2009
Become a mum
Fly first class
Spend a weekend in a log cabin
Tour Anne Franks house
Ride an Elephant
Learn a new language
Make a piece of jewellery from scratch
Take part in a charity colour run
Do a skydive - February 2015
Become a health visitor - In progress
Have dinner in a restaurant that overlooks an entire city
Try Teppanyaki
Become a mentor for student nurses and newly qualified nurses - August 2014
Be a bridesmaid - October 2013
Sleep under the stars
Go to a music festival - August 2008
Go snorkelling - November 2012
Go to the top of a lighthouse
Visit the Home and Away set - November 2012
Go parasailing - September 2010
Attend an awards show or film premiere
Go paragliding
Climb a landmark - The o2 September 2012 & Sydney Harbour Bridge November 2012
Have a go at milking a cow
Do an immunisations programme in a third world country
Go in a hot air balloon
Own a DSLR camera
Experience a sunrise in all its glory
Do a skydive - February 2015
Help someone quit smoking
Name a star for someone who is important to me - April 2014
Have ballroom dancing lessons
Be in the audience at Strictly Come Dancing
Own a house - May 2014
Feel confident in a bikini - In progress
See a birth
Understand the game of tennis
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