Life As A Nurse

I qualified as a nurse in August 2010. I completed nursing school at Surrey University and obtained a BSc (Hons) Adult nursing degree. The course was tough with little holidays and having to fit in university, 37.5 hour weekly placements as well as seeing friends/family. But I would not have had it any other way.

My nursing class - 2010.

I quickly realised in my training that I loved surgical nursing. I enjoy chest drains, stomas, oozing wounds, blood and anything else gory you can think of. I find it extremely fulfilling receiving a patient from theatre who is so poorly and trying to help them find their feet again post operatively.

I worked in the NHS for two years working at the same hospital I trained at on a surgical ward. It specialised in gynaecology, vascular and bowel surgery mainly. I got itchy feet and moved onto working in the private sector where I am based now.

Eventually I want to go into either health visiting or practice nursing. I have a love affair with health promotion particularly contraception, sexual health and bereavement. One of the things I LOVE about nursing is the diversity. There is almost too much out there that sometimes you feel almost spoilt for choice. I am very honoured to be working in this profession and to be let into the lives of those I care for. I could not imagine doing anything else!
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