About Me

Hi and welcome to my little piece of the internet!

I'm Rebecca and I am a 26 year old nurse who like to blog. I love to talk and speak my mind on absolutely anything. It can be from anything in the news, to how my life is steaming away at 1000km or what mascara you're wearing lately - seriously. 

I live in the UK and love the place I call home. I am proud to be British and I am team GB all the way. I have quite a large ever-growing family! I have 3 siblings and my Mum is my favourite person. She brought me up to believe that 'all you can do is your best and your best will always be good enough.'

I like to smile. I can be clumsy. I love anything yellow and I am always applying my own Becca logic to life. I am a fan of social media, Chinese food, Home and Away, polka dots and planning random trips. I am not religious - fairly agnostic to put it truthfully. At present my goal in life is to see life. I have been lucky enough to visit Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and a lot of Europe. My visit list is forever growing.

So that's me in a nutshell - any questions? Contact me.
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