Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#AirmailChristmas 2016

Blogging has been running at a snail pace the last few months. However, I will ALWAYS have time to introduce A Very Airmail Christmas.

I have just returned from a holiday cruise around the Caribbean. There were numerous moments where I would stand on my balcony and look out at the vast ocean. It was at these moments that I really wanted to send a message in a bottle. I wondered about what I would write, where would it end up and would anyone ever read it? In 2012 I had a patient called "Robin" who loved the idea of sending a Christmas card to a stranger, just as I love the idea of sending a message to an unbeknownst person across the water. Sadly, she passed away and and you can read Robin's story and the creation of Airmail Christmas here. Since then, every year, the Airmail Christmas card exchange has been dedicated to some amazing honourees such as Mama MB, Anna Basso and Kylie Meyers.

I am very lucky that my friend Laura Anne will be using her blog as the platform for Airmail Christmas this year. I will not beat around the bush, but blogging has not been a good strength of mine lately. I have no excuses other than I am a busy person, just like so many other people. But this Christmas card exchange means a great deal to me, and I want to do Airmail Christmas justice and honour it 100%.

So please hop on over to Laura Anne's blog by clicking here. Airmail Christmas is honouring someone I am very lucky to call a friend, who I met in the blogging world.

So will you send a Christmas card to a stranger this year? If you do, you will be honouring the gift of life. You'll see. So click here and find out more.

Have A Very Airmail Christmas everyone.
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