Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love Day

Valentines Day - the day single people may loathe. Yet, also the day where some people question why they have to spend more money for something they feel and 'do' everyday for their partner.

I have never been Valentines biggest fan. I am kind of sat on the fence with the paying out extra money part (not that you have to). But to spend a day where I can spoil and spend more time with the guy I love- added bonus in my eyes.

We are not doing anything out there or spending lots of money. I think we are going for a walk and maybe cinema (anyone seen Dirty Grandpa?) I love that I get to be with Tom today and have him to myself. We quite often go out with other people or we are in a house with family or friends. So to have a day just us two - I am going to savour it up.

I have had a few people ask me how it is going with Tom and that question of 'So what are you getting him for your FIRST Valentines?' It's sweet that people ask and I hope it is the first of many Valentines together.

Tom and I are in a good place. I am happy and he is a massive reason for that. I will be honest and say that my anxiety rears its ugly head a fair few times. I find some days a struggle to ward off the thoughts of 'you're not good enough for him' and 'it isn't going to work out.' On the whole Tom does a great job (and he doesn't even realise it) of easing my anxiety. He acknowledges my anxious feelings but he will not permit them interfere with anything. He puts a stop to it before it escalates. I just love him so much for that.

Oh and I made Tom a sweetie jar of his favourite sweets and got his favourite film - Snatch - on DVD (because his last DVD broke). Relationships are work but it's the BEST kind of work.

I hope you all have an awesome Valentines of loving on the people who love you.

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