Thursday, 21 January 2016

Make Your Own Mask

For Christmas I received a DIY face mask as a secret santa present. I finally had a chance to use it tonight and I found it so fun.

The kit came with a bag of clay and porridge oats (oatmeal) which I had to mix together with rose water. This means I can use it again when I want. I have never used a clay face mask before - mainly because I hate the feel of clay when it dries.

However this was not too bad as you're instructed to remove it after 10 minutes but BOY OH BOY! My skin felt so soft afterwards. I will definitely be using it again and I love that I put it together. I guess the only downside was I looked like Lord Voldermort's twin for a few minutes.

So if you ever want to get someone a quirky gift then I recommend a DIY face mask kit. It's one of the best secret santa presents I have had.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Why I support the Junior Doctors strikes...

This week junior doctors all over the UK left their prescription pads and joined a picket line. They wanted to assert their views to the government over their poor pay, unfair contracts and 7 day working. I have never been an advocate for strikes. I remember two years ago nurses went on strike but I flat out refused. I just could not leave my patients but I didn't resent the nurses who marched to the houses of parliament either.

I am all for freedom of speech but striking is a last resort.

In saying that I fully supported the thousands of junior doctors who want to save our NHS and fight for fairer working conditions. I have seen first hand doctors start shifts at 7am and still at 10pm they are wading through their many bleeps, patient notes and calls without a break. This is dangerous but they have no choice either. If they do not do it- who does? This week I spoke to consultants who fully support the junior doctors in their team. I heard sentences such as 'their new contracts are taking them to the cleaners''s absurd!

I love the NHS. This is a service worth fighting for. It is a network of amazing and efficient nurses, cleaners, porters and doctors...the list is endless. These people work so hard to ensure the public receive the best care, a clean environment to be treated in and they do not ask for a single penny. We do not require tips or request thanks. The NHS is a wonderfully historic institution that makes Great Britain - well great.

And it's so scary to think the current government are privatising so many of its services. So new contracts have to be drawn, new wages "discussed" and more patients getting lost in the system because it's been sold to yet another company. Is it any wonder why doctors are having to work longer hours on average pay? They are trained to diagnose, treat, save lives and encourage better health. They should not be burnt out, ratty because they're tired and resentful...they need better contracts to provide a level of care the NHS would be proud of.

We need more solidarity within the NHS, not separation. These amazing people care for us when we are at our most fearful and most vulnerable. Well now, as a nation, we need to look after them. As if not - who will?

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