Thursday, 2 June 2016

Hello Gang!

Why HELLO there!

Life has been super busy lately and to be honest I have not even thought about blogging. I do miss typing out posts and reading other peoples blogs, but time is not on my side at present.

I am hoping in September things will calm down a little bit. So here's an update on what's going on in my world:

1) I qualify soon!

Since September I have been undertaking my Masters degree in public health. It has been tough- way tougher than I thought. I remember when I was an undergraduate doing my nursing degree. I found balancing full time placement hours, university assignments and a social life hard but I got through it. Now being older and studying, it has been a bit more of a strain! My life has changed since doing my degree. I have my own place now so I have a household to run and family to visit. I am also in a relationship which requires love and attention too. So with that and the placement hours/essays/social life- life has been much harder to balance.

However, I qualify in September and it feels good to be so close. I also went for an interview last week and was offered a wonderful position. So all this extra work has been worth it! It always will be. I have decided to defer completing the Masters dissertation until next summer. My plate is far to full to add a 20,000 worded dissertation on top of tall hat.

2) Much needed break coming up

I have a week off in June and I cannot wait. I am going on holiday to Spain with my family. I have not been on a family holiday for 12 years! So it should be fun for us to all be together for a few days. Plus no work! BLISS!


It is all over the news everyday here but if you have not heard, the UK will be voting in a referendum next month. The referendum is whether we stay in the European Union or not. I am not in the country when the vote takes place but I have registered for a postal vote. I have been in real limbo about what I am voting for. Everyone has personal reasons for which way they swing but for me the issue is saving our NHS. At present evidence suggests staying in the EU increases our NHS debt but I still need to research this.

4) I miss him

Tom is currently away in Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks. The longest we have been apart is 4 days so being without him for 17 days is tough! He is having a great time, despite it being monsoon season, and we have spoken on the phone. This break apart has really made me realise how important he is to me and how supportive he is. I feel very lucky!

5) Niece and nephew are growing up

When I blogged regularly I documented Cohen and Honor a fair bit. Well they are both a year older since I last wrote a blog on their development. Cohen continues to love trains, action figures and pasta. I cannot quite believe he starts school in September! Where has my newborn nephew gone?! He is such a pleasure to be around and so polite. He gives the best cuddles and has the coolest imagination. I think he is going to LOVE school. Honor is a little sass pot! She can be a lot to handle at times and is the biggest chatterbox. I find her so funny and I adore how girly she is. I still find it hard to believe how different both Cohen and Honor are but they adore each other. I got to spend the day with them at Legoland on Monday. I love seeing life through their eyes.

6) Mentally doing well

My biggest concern about starting my Masters was the anxiety. Yet, despite all the stress of studying and meeting deadlines the anxiety has been, relatively, okay. I do have days where the anxiety gets set off and this is usually due to things not going the way they should. Tom is a HUGE help because he is quite laid back, so when I get anxious he can generally calm me down. I have noticed the anxiety flares up on days when I am on my own, as that is when the negative thinking creeps in. I accept there will be days where I am alone (and to be honest I like the odd day to myself!) However, when I have a few days off and doing work at home, I try to make plans for the evening or go for a walk to focus my mind elsewhere.

7) Weddings

One of my good friends, Natalie, got married on the 14/05/2016. I have worked with Natalie for 4 years and it was the most wonderful day. The bride looked awesome, the music was great and the location was stunning. I have never been a big advocate for getting married myself. I think it's a lovely thing to do but I have never been too fussed about the hoo-ha of a wedding! But when I saw Natalie and Ollie dancing away in front of this beautiful sunset in the Hampshire hills...I did suddenly think 'I'd like this, one day, you know'.

8) Friendships that pass

I have been really saddened over the last year that some friendships have ended. I still find it weird that some people can be so apart of your life for so long, and then they disappear. I used to blog about my great friendship with Oli, who I travelled with to New Zealand. Sadly, he withdrew from me and we have no contact anymore which is such a shame. I was also really good friends with my friend Laura and I was even going to be her bridesmaid! Then some accusatory stories happened and I realised I could not be friends with her. I just find it so disheartening when you make such a effort with someone for so long and then BAM- it fades. I have definitely realised it does not matter how many people you have in your life. It's the quality of the time you make with those people.

9) Trying to be more active

I have definitely been a couch potato since starting back up at university. So I have taken up a dance class on a Monday and a Clubbercise class on a Thursday. I love the dance class! It is so fun to learn the actual choreography dancers do in musicals and with artists/bands.

10) This is how I feel about the whole Gorilla story

So that's my world in a small nutshell. I really am going to try and make more of an effort now my workload is slowing down. I miss the blogging life and I miss catching up on the lives of my blogging buddies.

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