Thursday, 21 January 2016

Make Your Own Mask

For Christmas I received a DIY face mask as a secret santa present. I finally had a chance to use it tonight and I found it so fun.

The kit came with a bag of clay and porridge oats (oatmeal) which I had to mix together with rose water. This means I can use it again when I want. I have never used a clay face mask before - mainly because I hate the feel of clay when it dries.

However this was not too bad as you're instructed to remove it after 10 minutes but BOY OH BOY! My skin felt so soft afterwards. I will definitely be using it again and I love that I put it together. I guess the only downside was I looked like Lord Voldermort's twin for a few minutes.

So if you ever want to get someone a quirky gift then I recommend a DIY face mask kit. It's one of the best secret santa presents I have had.



Mary said...

Don't you just love the way your face feels after using a mask? I haven't done that in a loooong time!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

WE have a large sized family, my Mom was one of 7. So needless to say at Christmas time we always drew names and everyone attempted to get a gift for the person whos name they drew. Usually a fail. So in recent years (just the last two) we've tried the "white elephant" gift exchange. The first year I got the random crazy gifts, this year I went for a Christmasy kind of gifts.. I think this face mask could be on my list for next yera, something I def wouldn't mind trying myself. haha. I can always steal it back from whoever gets it. haha

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