Sunday, 11 October 2015

Student Life

Things have been very quiet on the blogging front lately and it hasn't been intentional at all. But, since starting university all I do is eat, drink and sleep my health visiting course. So here's a little life update for you all.

  • I am really enjoying university. As much as it is consuming my life right now I knew that it would. It's intense! I have essays, presentations, posters, reading lists, and placements coming out of my ears. But I am loving the challenge. I feel like I wake up with a purpose for myself now so I am a lot happier.
  • My Mum booked a big family holiday to Spain next year. My Mum inherited some money after my Gran passed and she has used some of it to take my whole family on holiday. I haven't been on a family holiday in 11 years so it'll either be awesome or full of cat fights! What's great is that it'll be after all my paperwork is due in to get my health visiting registration. So here's hoping it'll be a celebratory trip too!
  • My house is still standing and we are finally getting the last major bit of work done to the house next month. A downstairs toilet! I remember when I moved in I had all these plans of getting things done to the house right away. Funny how that is never the case! However, it's been neat to see how the house has developed. I may have to do another video tour.
  • Since starting back at university I have fallen ill twice in 4 weeks! This is not fun people. I always used to boast about how I haven't had a cold in 7 years and I put it down to working in a hospital. So being around poorly people most days meant I built up some immunity right? WRONG! I have now realised it's because I worked in such a clean environment for years (i.e. washing hands loads, wiping down surfaces) that I never got sick. I now work in an area of nursing where I don't do that as much- so guess what? I fall sick.
  • Now I am a student I am on less money. Even though I am being sponsored to do my masters degree I am earning less. So I am having to be really money conscious. If I am honest I hate it! I liked living comfortably with my monthly wage packet but now that's not the case. I am hoping to realise where I can be more money savvy though.
  • I went on a hen do a few weeks back and it was so much fun! My uni friend Katie is getting married to Pete next month. One of the things the bridesmaids got the hens to do was this.

So cool right?
Lastly, one thing I am gutted about (and this is also a request) I won't be able to do Airmail Christmas this year. I normally run it from mid November to Christmas but during that period I have SO MUCH university stuff going on that I can't invest it's full potential. So if anyone would like to run it this year instead? Or have any other suggestions please tell me.

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