Sunday, 14 June 2015

Stupendo Italia!

I returned home from Italy last week and I had such a nice relaxing time. I have only done a city break in Rome before. So it was great to fit some rest and relaxation in too. My friend and I stayed in the resort of Jesolo based on the Adriatic sea. I really did not want to come home, I just needed a little longer.

Whilst we were there we did two day trips. One was Venice and the other was Verona. These were two totally different but beautiful cities. My most favourite city in the world is Rome. I just felt like I was walking in an oil painting the whole time and Venice did just that too.

We walked along all the harbour, ate ice cream, walked through the church in St Marks square, had dinner by the grand canal, travelled through all the Venice back streets and of course, took a gondola ride. 

On the Gondola ride I was almost hoping there would be a rendition of the cornetto song. I know many Italians are probably face palming their foreheads right now. However, there were people singing opera and that made the gondola ride just as wonderful. 

Venice has everything you need for a theatre performance. An alluring beginning, hidden twists, a wonderful story, great costumes (masks), parts you could get totally lost in and an ending you'll never forget. I just thought it was stunning!

Towards the end of the trip we took a trip to Verona. Verona is famous as the setting for Shakespeare's play 'Romeo & Juliet'. I have to add right now that Shakespeare never visited Italy, ever. So his description of Verona in his play was spot on. Verona is not as big as I expected and fair bit of it has been modernised which I thought was a shame. However, the market street, amphitheatre and the medieval walls still remain. 

Being the typical romantic that I am I had to visit Juliet's balcony and I wrote her a letter. Have you ever seen 'Letters to Juliet' starring Amanda Seyfried? Well the people who run the house of Capulet - where Juliet 'lived' - have a group of Juliet's secretaries. They reply to all the letters Juliet receives as long as you leave return address. I look forward to receiving my letter soon. 

After Verona we took a quick trip to Serminone in Lake Garda for a wander round. Otherwise, my holiday was filled with reading, lazing by the pool, eating yummy ice cream and downing sipping on lovely cocktails. I definitely want to return!

Ciao Italia!

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