Monday, 23 November 2015

Honor & Cohen

I know I am biased but I have THE cutest niece and nephew possible.

I very rarely do updates about them as I want to keep their exposure to the online world minimal. However, I couldn't not share these pictures of them. I think the last time I talked about Honor she was 3 months.

Well now she is 15 months, walking and being a little diva. Yes she is still a little princess toddling around showing the world who is boss. But I love her feistiness and growing independence. She will be a girl who will always fight her corner and I know I will adore that about her.

Cohen is my little sweetie. He is 3 now and just into everything! I love that I can take him out, have conversations with him and seeing his imagination when playing captivates me. He is the best big brother and the most kindest of little boys. He's the opposite to Honor but I like that contrast.

In September they had these pictures done and I am so glad they did. I love seeing them grow up. I love being their auntie. I just love them!

I love their faces in this picture. Cohen is the only person that can make Honor really belly laugh and it's so good that it's captured in this picture. I am lucky lady to have these people in my world.


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