Thursday, 17 September 2015

And the next journey begins...

On the 1st August 2012 I started as a staff nurse on a surgical wing at a private hospital. I was able to develop myself into a senior staff nurse, specialise in high dependency and realise my love of teaching!

This job also increased my confidence in making management decisions and also highlighted how, as a nation, we are rubbish at looking after our own health. I very quickly developed a love affair with health promotion and teaching my patients to understand their bodies.

Yesterday, September 16th 2015, was my last day. Back in April I accepted a position to undertake my Masters degree specialising in public health and promotion. It feels like an age ago that I found out and now I am FOUR days away from beginning the training for my dream job.

This is more than just leaving a nursing job. I am also leaving the clinical nursing role completely. For 5 years since I qualified I have taken care of very poorly people from SO many walks of life. I have cared for palliative patients, advised on medications, changed the nastiest wounds, done cardiac arrests, taught student nurses, been vomited, weed and spat on. I have dealt with every bodily fluid you can imagine and still sometimes wonder what orifice it has come from. I have been able to assist in theatre and appreciate what happens beyond the scar. But most of all I have worked alongside some of the most wonderful people.

Yes I am leaving the clinical setting but it's the team I am going to miss so much. They're the people that have encouraged me, hugged, challenged me, told me where I am going wrong and where I was going right. Even the days I struggled to deal with management or busy moments. They were on hand to say 'if you need me to do anything just ask.' I'll never forget when I had my breakdown 2 years ago and I questioned how well I could perform as a nurse. Yet, they just said it was my mind that needed to take a rest not my capabilities.

How lucky am I? I am so underserving to have worked alongside some of these incredible people and now I must leave them.

It's safe to say I am really excited for the next part of my nursing journey. I never thought 5 years ago I would be going back to university and specialising! It's barmy! It's crazy to think that.

But there is NOWAY I would be where I am without the awesome nurses, assistants, doctors, consultants, students and the multidisciplinary teams that have humbled me along the way.

I will miss the very bones of you all. This MSc is for you guys...


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Hey Monkey Butt said...

Awe congrats on this next journey, these things can be scary. But you got this!!

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