Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nurses are special

I remember when I was 14 years old and I was receiving a vaccination from the school nurse. Her name was Angela and I just remember her going through everything. She talked about the side effects, what not to do, symptoms to look out for and what the drug actually did. After I had the immunisation I remember walking past the long queue of students thinking 'she has to repeat all that again to each of us!'

I never dreamt that 10 years later I would be doing the exact same thing. And you know what? It never gets boring! Every patient is different, each patient has different questions and near enough most times I learn something new.

I LOVE my job!

In fact I can't even say it's a 'job' because I don't really feel like I am at work most days. Sure it is challenging and the managers do my head in. But the patients and team I work with? I absolutely adore! It's going to be hard leaving them in September.

I am not Florence Nightingale's biggest fan (she died from an STD after sleeping with a lot of the soldiers in the Crimean war- not exactly a great nursing skill to possess?) but there is a quote of hers that will always stay with me.

"I am of certain convinced that the greatest heroes are those that do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs, whilst the world whirls in a maddening driedel."
- Florence Nightingale

This is SO true! The people I look up to the most are my mum (who works for a nursing team) and the nurses I work with. I don't look up to pop stars or reality TV personalities because they aren't heroes. A hero is someone who takes care of their family during the day and then goes and does a night shift in a care facility. A hero is someone who stays longer on their shift to console a patient or work colleague, despite having a long to do list. A hero is someone who keeps themselves awake most hours of the day or night to learn something more about someone or something.

I don't see myself as a hero but I sure do work with and know a great bunch of them. They're awesome and not recognised enough the achievements and skills they behold.

Happy Nurses Day to every nursing team out in the world. You're awesome! And I am privileged to work with such like minded and caring people. Enjoy YOUR day!!!



Mary said...

My mom was a nurse (good thing, because she ended up having 10 kids!),but none of us ended up being one.
Thank you for what you do, and for loving it!

Rasel Marie said...

Your story is amazing. I really liked it. We never know anything about our future. Without a doubt nurses are very kindhearted. After getting some experience, you should Open your own Assisted Living Business. And, touch new heights of success.

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