Sunday, 12 April 2015

Waxing is quite Taxing!

I decided a few weeks ago that I was done with shaving. I hate putting so much effort into shaving safely (you can trust me to always nip myself somewhere!) and then get stubble the next day. In fairness I am quite lucky because I don't have quick hair growth but's annoying. So fast forward to a weeks back when I decided to start waxing again. I know you can do it at home...but don't be silly I am not inflicting pain on myself. I'd much rather pay for someone to do that job for me. It's much quicker in calmer environment but not so nice on my bank balance. Hey ho...

What I never realised was how much effort has to go into waxing. It's said to be easier to get waxing done but I am not so sure.

1) You need at least a 1/4 inch of hair growth. It may not sound a lot but to me that is still long enough. My beautician says it normally takes 2-3 weeks for that hair to grow. Eww! And guess what?! It is coming up to summer and my PJ's are short or 3/4 length. I detest it when my legs touch and leg hair spikes against each other. It's makes my body wriggle in revulsion...just one of my 'things' I guess. So before I could even book the appointment I needed to grow my leg hair out. *thumbs up*

2) It is recommended to not have waxing done on the weeks leading up to your period and the week of your period. This is because your skin is extra sensitive and as a result it'll be more painful. So hang on, that only really leaves 2- 2 1/2 weeks a month to wax. Which then means you need to start growing your hair out not to coincide with it. This is becoming more of a maths lesson don't you think than a waxing session?

3) You need to exfoliate before having your legs waxed and then once waxed you are not to use any products for 72 hours (apart from aloe vera gel). I am a product queen! After every shower I moisturise so this was a little difficult as my skin just felt dry. You have to agree that's a fair bit of nice preparation for something you want OFF your body?

So next time when I get waxed...I'll make sure to do all those things. Hindsight really is a good thing! I have to say though that I had my legs waxed 4 days ago and they are still so smooth. It's totally worth it!

See you in 4-6 weeks leg hair!


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