Thursday, 30 April 2015


I have to pinch myself that I am writing this post, since it is so different to the blog I put up last week. This time last week I was informed that I had missed an opportunity to do my health visiting degree. I was away at the time of the interview and they would not re-schedule. I was gutted and I shed so many tears. This is the last year the government are funding this training and if I didn't get on the bandwagon then I would miss it completely.

After a few days of moping and feeling really down I applied for another training position 30 miles away. I wasn't keen but if I wanted it this badly then I knew I had to be willing to travel.

So I went away feeling a lot more hopeful than I did. But deep down I still felt like rubbish as I was going on a trip that possibly prevented me from attending an interview for my dream job.

Barcelona was so much fun and I will blog about it as soon as my pals post pictures.

Then something happened...

On Monday (27/04/15) my friends and I were sipping sangria on the port of Barcelona. I decided to check in to the wifi and look at my notifications. I very rarely look at my emails and when I check notifications I don't look at my ever growing pile of spam I tend to get.

I am so glad I did.

I had an email from the training team saying they still wanted to interview me and were willing to put a panel together if I could attend on the 29/04/2015. I had to let them know by 4pm that day and at the time I received the email it was nearing on 3pm.

Stroke of luck huh?

For the interview I had to find an article that I would be questioned on. So in the middle of Barcelona my friends and I were trying to find an article for me to discuss. I SO appreciate their help and they spent my last moments in Spain helping me prep. I went from losing total hope in ever getting an interview to having 48 hours notice!

So on Wednesday I went to the interview as best prepared as I could be. It was a TOUGH interview where I was quizzed, questioned and analysed for an hour. One of the things that did help was that one of the interviewers was one of my university lecturers. It really helped put me at ease. I thought the interview went well and I REALLY tried my hardest to impress.

I so wanted this and was told i would find out next week!!!!

And guess what? I didn't.

I got a call from the health visiting lead 3 hours later saying that I interviewed really well and that it would be mean of them to keep me hanging until next week. No lie I did a huge flappy hand dance in the car.

I'm going to be a health visitor.

I still can't believe it and I am just overjoyed. I was also told on the phone that I have been put forward for the masters degree and not the bachelor of science degree. How crazy is that?! I am going to be working towards a masters degree. It's beyond comprehension that I'll be doing an Msc!!!

So in September I will be a full time student again and leaving the clinical setting. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

But I am excited. Oh so excited!!!!



Alex Ternes said...

I'm so excited for you!! It's crazy that I've "known" you for so long, I know how much you wanted this! So freaking awesome.

Barefoot blogger said...

How exciting. Congratulations and well done. Xx.

Mary said...

Congratulations!!! I'm not sure what a "health visitor" is, though!

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