Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Dear Cohen,

I think I speak on behalf of the whole family that I can't quite believe you're 3 years old. How ever did life function without you not in it before the 29th April 2012?

I have enjoyed every single second with you since your birth. I'll never forget getting a call from your Granny Lobb late on a Sunday night to say you were here- finally here! And you have been an absolute joy since.

One of the things I adore most about you is your imagination. I know all kids have an awesome way of conjuring up ideas, stories and excuses to how they didn't do something. But because you're my nephew you have the best. Last month we were going to the moon and when I took you to soft play in January we were trying to save ourselves from snapping crocodiles. You stop me from being an adult for a few moments and I just love that.

I'll never forget nearly two years ago I was going through a rough time. Granny Lobb was looking after you for the day and she suggested we went to the park. In fact her words to me were 'Cohen will cheer you up.' You couldn't really speak then but just witnessing your joy at seeing the ducks, pulling at my hand to put you in the swing for the millionth time and shrieking as you hid behind the tree from us. I was just amazed at how enthralled you experienced life from your little height. And the best part? You simply had no idea, your innocence made me realise in that moment that as much as life sucked right there and then. I had so much in life to look forward to and enjoy. I may not have had innocence like you, but I had people like you in my life.

I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

I am so happy to be your auntie. I love saying I have a nephew as cool as you. You and your little sister are two of my favourite littles in the world. In fact you are Honor's favourite person- you are the only person who can make her laugh as loud as she does.

As each birthday comes and goes I hope you never change your spunky personality, your cheeky smile and your eccentric attitude. But most of all I hope you grow up knowing how adored you are and that if you ever reach a point where life sucks a little bit - you have a family that are always here, forever and always. I remember last year we were nicknaming you 'Cautious Cohen' because you were always so wary. Now you are the complete opposite and it's so fun to see! Never change sweet boy.

Happy birthday Cohen, you're just so wonderful to have in our lives.

Love, Auntie

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