Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I have this thing...

...where I believe I can do any job role at times. It quite often happens when I watch TV and I'll say to my housemate 'I could totally be a weather girl and make telling the weather more interesting' or 'I was born to be a on goggle box!' I particularly feel I can do these roles when something happens I don't agree with. Even at the age of 26 I still have an imagination for things.

I seriously still think I can be a 6th member of the Spice Girls one day.

A girl can dream.

However, one role I know I can perform at (apart from nursing) is being creative. Many of my clinical friends always talk about how they have no artistic flare and cannot see beyond a blank space. One of my friend's, Laura, is getting married. She's a physiotherapist and like many medical backgrounds we tend to think in black and white. We tend to have an answer for everything, so trying to put a twist on things can be difficult. We are currently looking at wedding venues for her and many of the function rooms are plain and not decorated. I LOVE this! I adore having a blank canvas and inputting ideas, unique quirks and styles in nooks and crannies. However, Laura is really struggling and I have really enjoyed giving her ideas on how to put her own stamp on the day.

For example, her mother in law sadly passed away from cancer last year. Laura's fiancé really wants his mum to be involved in the day somehow. So when we were talking about centrepieces Laura mentioned how she wanted hurricane vases but didn't know what to fill it with. I think at this point she was ready to go ARGGHHH!!!! And I suddenly I had this thought. Her mother in law was called Hazel so I thought maybe they could fill some of the vase with Hazelnuts? Laura loved that idea and it's a plan she intends to go ahead with.

Something like this bit with fairy lights instead?

My housemate recently held a baby shower for one of her best friends. I think, like all parties, it can be very expensive when you're hosting so you try to be savvy with money and cut costs in places. I REALLY believe you can do parties without breaking the bank and preventing your dos from looking tacky. I suggested she made a washing line of baby clothes as decoration. All she needed to buy was string and we used clothes my niece had grown out of. I also tried to help her with the shower favours. I suggested she bought the pink drawstring bags and fill them with pink bond bons and little tea lights. Again, not something to break the bank over.

I know there are addictive sites like pinterest which showcase all these ideas BUT a little imagination is what's key.

So if I were to play that game again...I could totally be an events organiser!


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Ashley said...

You are so creative! :) I adore the Hazelnut idea! So adorable and I love that her mom-in-law was called Hazel!!! That's so perfect! :) The baby clothes on the clothes line is so cute too. I recently hosted a baby shower, and it was so expensive. I think if I knew what I was doing and had to time to shop around, it would be a lot cheaper. But let's be honest, I do everything last minute. Haha.

I really wish I was more creative.

<3 Ash

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