Thursday, 5 March 2015

Caving in Waitomo

One of the best parts of my trip to New Zealand was caving in Waitomo on the north island. I absolutely loved it and the activities we got to do were right up my street!

Oli and I chose to do the highest package - the abyss - because why not right? It isn't everyday that you get to go 43 metres underground!

We kicked off getting into our gear and being taught how to use the ropes/harness. In my excitement for doing it I completely forgot about all the safety measures you have to take on board.

We then had to abseil down into the cave, the one thing I remember was the sudden drop in temperature as I got lower and lower underground. It was a good job we did have headlights because it was pitch black. The group and I then got to walk amongst the cave and then do a zip line to take us further into the cave. This was also where we had to introduce ourselves, say our favourite colour and what animal would we be and why. I chose yellow and a unicorn because I am unique haha! This was where we got see the glow worms in their dozens. It was honestly prettier than the night sky just lying back and watching them glow away.

After this was the not so fun part of swimming in the FREEZING water. We then went black water rafting where we got to see more glow worms in their thousands. You literally had to pinch yourself as the scene was breathtaking. It really is amazing at what lurks beneath us and I love that I got to see such beauty under the ground than over it.

In total we were down there 5 hours and it went so quickly. At the end we had to squeeze through tunnels, rock climb through waterfalls and then look bleary eyed as we saw sun light for the first time.

If you go to New Zealand then do this. You will not be disappointed!


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