Monday, 19 January 2015

Word Up

I know this may seem like teaching someone to suck eggs but I think the poster below needs to get round to so many people. Here in England all hospitals are so stretched. Since new year 16 hospitals have announced 'major incident' and this means there no beds at all, not even in A/E. My local hospital is one of those 16. Just last Sunday there were 8 ambulances queuing to get into A/E and they were emergencies. They could not be taken to another hospital as it they too had shortages for their areas.

A/E or ER is for emergencies only. It does not stand for anything and everything. My friend Charlotte works in A/E and she said that during the time the ambulances were queuing with people who had chest pain, signs of stroke etc she had over 10 people who were waiting with cuts, twisted ankles and allergies. These are not emergencies and can be seen by medical professionals in walk in centres, doctors surgeries etc. 

Please please think before going to Accident and Emergency! The only exception I think are children and babies because they can deteriorate so much quicker or they can't communicate their symptoms as easily. 

I hope this will provide some encouragement to those who are confused or not sure what to do.



Mary said...

In the US, there are people who use the ER as their primary medical. Craziness. Hang in there!! :)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I agree with Mary, it's unfortunate. But there are so many out there who are not insured. They know they can hit the E/R and be seen and a bill will come later.

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