Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Adverts!

I remember when I was kid the Coca-Cola advert was the one advert you would wait in anticipation for. Over the years other retailers have really stepped up their game and come out with the most AWESOME Christmas adverts. I think adverts vary all around the world but I especially love the UK ones (yes I am biased!) So I want to share my favourite adverts from this year and why I love them.

John Lewis - Monty the Penguin

This is big retailer in the UK and it's only in the last 3-4 years have people really begun to notice their adverts. In fact it's their adverts that have made other retailers quake in their boots and think 'crap we need a GOOD advert this year!' The response to their adverts is now just the same as when the cola advert comes on telly. People go crazy over it....and I don't blame them. I love the story of this advert...and now I really want a penguin!

Waitrose - The Gingerbread Stall

I think this advert is okay but I just LOVE the song and the interpretation of it. I would never associate this song at Christmas time but now I always will. Plus, I really want to bake a cookie after its been on. 

Boots - Special Because...

I love how they have thought about the people who won't be celebrating Christmas with their loved ones this year. It's a good reminder that whilst we eat, drink and be merry, there are people on shift in hospitals, police stations, fire departments etc. It is such a good reminder for us to be thankful for the 'strangers' that are out their giving up their Christmas to ensure we're safe and healthy. This advert isn't glitzy but it's so heartfelt and really hits home! 

Sainsbury's - Lest We Forget

When I first saw this advert I thought it was too long but boy do I ADORE the true story. The way they have recreated it is so touching! So many people have had people who have fought or are fighting in wars/conflicts. Therefore, people really connect with it! For me this advert represents the true meaning of Christmas and what the gospel wants to bring across.

I'd love to know what you're favourite Christmas adverts are and why they're so special? The countdown to Christmas is on!


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Callie Nicole said...

Wow, that last ad was really cool! The story of the Christmas truce is such an amazing one.

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