Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 in review

Another year gone and another year to reflect on. I remember I could not wait for last year to end and I am glad I do not feel this way as 2014 draws to a close. I have so much to be thankful for from this year and I can't wait to document it.

1) What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

Without a shadow of a doubt buying and moving into my first house. I have loved the independence it has given me and the chance to make something my own. I am so lucky to have a great housemate too! I have really enjoyed being creative, and alongside Lotte, really make a house a great home!

2) What was the single most challenging thing that happened this year?

Losing my Gran. This was our first Christmas without her and it really was so very strange to not have her around. She did not have the most pleasant of passings but I remain thankful that I have a Gran that I can miss and remember so fondly. 

3) What was an unexpected joy?

This may sound like a strange response but I would have to say counselling. At the time it was quite draining and there were many weeks I dreaded attending the sessions. However, there was an unexpected joy in being able to address some of my demons and really understand my thoughts/feelings. I was able to come away from my therapy feeling a lot more understood and less anxious! Counselling allowed me to feel excitement for things again and really feel like there was a way forward...and for that I will always find joy (and hope!) in. 

4) Pick 3 words to describe 2014.

Thankful, Confusing and Nostalgic.

5) What were the most entertaining things you have seen/done this year?

Snorkelling in Tobago, walking the sights of NYC and Washington DC, Hornblowering in Niagara Falls, seeing Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, watching Wicked/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Lion King, skyping with Oli in Australia, watching children in need within the studio live, hosting airmail christmas, decorating my house, becoming an auntie to Honor Rose and celebrating my blog friend Laurie's 30th birthday (with space hoppers!) 

6) With whom were your most valuable relationships?

There are quite a few but I think my friendship with Lotte really stands out. We have been great friends for years but then we became joint home owners, which adds a whole new dimension to any kind of relationship! I am so pleased the transition went smoothly and I am so incredibly lucky that she's so much fun to live with. She accepts my quirkiness and allows me to just be myself in the house. I have really valued our friendship this year!

7) What was the single biggest waste of your time this year?

I would have to say dating Jack. At the time it was great dating someone that didn't take life too seriously. In fact it was refreshing! However, with any relationship there has to be some level of commitment to it, which we both didn't have!!! So even though you live and learn through the relationships you have with people. It was just something that wasted my time rather than enriched it. 

8) What are you most proud of doing this year?

Being more open in talking about my mental health, counselling and getting on the property ladder!

9) How did you spend Christmas 2014?

I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I finished my shift Christmas Day and went over to my sisters for dinner, games and antics with my nephew! On boxing day all my family came to my parents - there was 15 of us! We ate, drank, chatted and played more games. The last time we all came together was for my Gran's funeral so it was good to be together on a more joyous occasion. 

10) What did you do in 2014 that you hadn't done before?

I crashed my car twice! I have never damaged any of my cars badly but to do it twice, in one month, was crazy and borderline stupid! I also went and saw the poppies at the tower of London to honour the fallen. It was an incredible sight to behold! Oh and I turned 25!

11) Looking back on 2014, what one thing have you learnt the most?

I would definitely say to have faith (faith in things generally, not religious)  My faith has really been tested this year and I have had to really persevere at things. I remember last year finding it so hard to accept I had a mental illness. This year I have really had to adapt my way of thinking and acknowledge my mentality into my waking life. I have had to rely on faith to get me through so much from little things like getting out of bed on my low days to losing my Gran to organ failure. There have been SO many days where I have questioned why I lead the life I have but I have faith that I'm doing okay...and trying my best!

12) Finally, your plans for 2015 and what are you most looking forward to?

I am so looking forward to New Zealand in February but even more looking forward to travelling with Oli! I am excited for Italy in June and also looking into other avenues of nursing I can work towards. I'm looking forward to getting more tasks in the house sorted and making it more homely. There is also an S Club 7 reunion to attend in May wahoo! I am sure there are lots more things 2015 has in store for me.

Hope you had wonderful 2014's to remember. See you in 2015 everyone!



Hey Monkey Butt said...

What an amazing 2014, hoping your 2015 is just as awesome!! Happy New Year to you!

fromthekoalatree said...

Wow. Despite all the challenges, what amazing memories you have created in 2014. I'm so glad you guys came up for my was such a fun weekend and makes me smile. Love that I have friends that aren't afraid to embrace the childlike silliness!

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