Saturday, 22 November 2014

One week left to join #AirmailChristmas!

There's just ONE WEEK LEFT to sign up to Airmail Christmas! This year it is in memory of Anna Basso. She sadly passed away from bone cancer in 2011 but the legacy she leaves is beyond incredible. The charity 1 million 4 Anna will share more about her personality and what they aim to achieve - you'd be mad not to check it out. If you could it be awesome if you could send a Christmas card to someone in honour of Anna this year!

If you are willing to take part and extend your Christmas spirit onto other people then all you have to do is this.

1) Email your address (it can be your home, work or anywhere else address that you would like a card to be posted to you at) to the designated email address: forrobin_christmas(at) Please be rest assured your addresses will be held confidentially and will not be shared with anyone else apart from the person who will be sending you the card. Emails need to be sent by 1st December 2014.

2) I will then email you the address of someone else that you can send a card to this year.

3) Once you have posted your card all you need to do is wait for the card that you will receive from another generous person.

4) Then tweet/instagram/facebook a picture of your card using the hashtag AirmailChristmas (#airmailchristmas).

The only rule is that you need to be willing to post abroad if the person you are paired up with lives in another country.

I really hope you can take part in this years Christmas card exchange. When I asked Patrice if it could be in honour of her baby sister this year- she was so honoured! I wish I had the chance to meet Anna and I hope in a way this helps spread her legacy and spirit around the world a little bit more. 

So the more the merrier! Tell your friends, family and fellow social media families. Anna loved Christmas so lets start wishing everyone 'A Very Airmail Christmas' this year!!!



Ashley said...

This sounds really nice! I'll be sure to sign up.

Mary said...

Thanks for the reminder! I thought about it the other day, then promptly forgot about it!
I already sent in my email!

Melissa said...

Sure, let me join!

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