Thursday, 30 October 2014

Home improvement inspiration.

I have been in my new house since May and things are slowly coming together. I have really settled in and now it's just about tying a few loose ends to make rooms more homely. The most lived in room is the lounge and there's a space in it that just isn't there yet.

Can I have your help?

A few people have sent me photos and I have looked on pinterest. I have an idea of what I might do but I just wanted to see if you guys could help? 

This dresser is quite a prominent feature in the living area. I LOVE the canvas scripture above it and the colour of the room is grey/purple. I just feel it lacks a little something! We have the lantern on it but I'm thinking of moving that to another place in the room as it looks like the sideboard just drowns it.

So do you have any quick thinking and price savvy ideas?



Joyce said...

Looking pretty! Maybe you could try something wide with a little height, art or a dried arrangement that is wide as opposed to deep? Another option would be to group the live-love laugh vertically and put a mirror beside them? You've got a blank canvas to play with and most home stores allow you to return things that don't work so I say try a couple of things and see how you live with it. If you don't like the result try something else. Enjoy!

jowdjbrown said...

I read your post and I found it amazing! thank!

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