Friday, 26 September 2014


I returned home from Tobago two weeks ago and it still feels like a distant memory. It was my first time going to the Caribbean and I LOVED it.

I have never been to a place with blue waters and white sands. It was just idyllic to relax in. Tobago itself is such a lush country. It is green everywhere, not at all built up and the people are so kind. 

One of my favourite days was going snorkelling in the waters at Crowne Point. They have the Caribbean's largest coral reef there so it was so good to see it.

So pretty!

Our hotel was pretty basic. When choosing holidays I don't really feel the need to splash out on a hotel room since I hardly spend any time there. However, the hotel did the most amazing cocktails!

This was Pigeon Point beach. It was so picturesque! We were so lucky with the weather. It reached 35 degrees most days.

This was Nylon pool in the Caribbean sea. It is a place where 4 different currents meet in the middle. It forms like a little whirlpool at night and during the day it becomes 'No Mans Land'. This is where it forms a big sandy mound in the middle of the sea. It was so neat (and bizarre!) to just stand in the middle of the ocean!

I found the locals to be really friendly. We went to an event called The Sunday School Trip - it is a party in Buccoo and the locals invite the tourists to come along. They play steel drums, dance and have bbq's on the street. It was nice to take part in something local! We were only there for a week so we tried to do as much as we can but the main aim of the holiday was to relax, read and have some me time. If I was to return to Tobago I would try and visit the Atlantic side as we heard it is very different and it also has the rain forests that side too. Since going to the Caribbean I now have a huge desire to see more of the islands. It was such a nice way to spend the week!


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