Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sun, Sea & TOBAGO!

I cannot believe that I am off to the Caribbean today! It feels like it has sprung up so quickly but also been so long awaited for too.

I need a break.

Well I always feel I need a break but I do just want to get away for a bit and do NOTHING. I think during my week stay in Tobago we have organised one trip out of the resort. Otherwise it's reading, beaching, swimming and sleeping. This is just the cocktail I need.

I have found work particularly stressful of late, to the point I am in tears after many shifts. I know I want to move on in my nursing career but not sure where the next step is. I am a planner and an organiser. So I hate that I don't have a plan for what is next for me in nursing - I want to leave but where to?

So I think a break away is just what I need in order to have some thinking time and spend time with my friends.

Oh and for those asking...

This little nephew of mine is still not a big brother yet. Nicola was due on the 27th August and it sucks that she is overdue. It's also sad that I won't be in the country for when he/she arrives but I just know it will be the best thing to come home to! I took Cohen painting the other day and he painted his own train money box. I adore him at this age!

See you in a week! Has anyone been to Tobago before? Any recommendations of where to visit?


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