Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I've decided to take a little break from social networking. As much as I love it, it can also act as a distraction.

In recent weeks I have noticed I have become a lot more lower than normal. I don't think it helps that things ended with a Jack, a guy I was seeing the past 6 months. i know heartbreak is a bugger at times and it has left me feeling very empty.

I have also noticed that I am not looking forward to things as much and I have been a lot more negative of late. I think I really need to go back and re-evaluate things before things spiral. I have had a chronic fear that I will 'relapse' back to how I was last summer.

I am trying so hard for that not to be the case.

But I am accepting that this could happen too.

So I think a break is in order so I can try and get back on track.


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