Monday, 4 August 2014

Sometimes the best destinations have the longest journeys

I really hate that word - 'failure'

It's just a horrid word that makes you feel like crap. It makes you feel unworthy. It makes you feel like you cannot achieve anything.

Yet, in order to fail at something you had to have tried at something in the first place? I think that is such an important thing we all forget. I remember when I had counselling and there were some weeks where it was like the penny dropped. I felt so elated and then there were weeks where I really struggled to get my words and thoughts out. I remember walking back to my car in floods of tears thinking why does counselling help one week and the next I am a total mess? I felt like such a failure!

But I am so glad I persevered. I am so glad that I stayed on the path and I am so glad that the weeks I found the most difficult were the weeks I TRIED the hardest. By reflecting on that time period I was never a failure. I was trying my darn hardest to get better. I was just frustrated at the time because I wasn't getting to my destination sooner.

Sometimes the best destinations have the longest journeys.

And I was reminded of this again so vividly this week. My good friend Oli is in Australia and he decided to take part in the Brisbane marathon. He trained so hard, and despite an injury at one point, he would dust himself off again and put 100% back into it. This weekend he took part in it but was unable to finish due to a hamstring injury.

I remember on Saturday night I checked his run keeper and he had started. I was looking forward to the morning to see a status about what time he did it in and how he was planning on celebrating. However, it was a different story and I saw a message saying this:

You never failed Oli because you were always trying and I think that is such a credible thing to possess. One day you will pass that finish line and as frustrating as it is to put in all that effort and not achieve what you wanted. I am thankful and proud to have a friend who endeavours and has a crack at things. It's just going to take a little longer....and that's okay. Thank you for reminding me that we can't fail at things if we were willing to put in the effort to accomplish something in the first place.

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Barefoot blogger said...

Becca, I'm so proud of you ant the way you've handled the journey you've been on over the past year. I know that you're equally prod of Olli, rightly so.

Some thoughts...

FAIL - First Attempt In Learning.

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