Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Life Lately

I am so sad that summer is coming to an end and that soon it'll be autumn. In saying that the UK has been blessed with some wonderful sunny weather this year. So I can't moan! On the other hand life - as always - has been super busy!

1) Blog change - I am in the process of getting my blog a new makeover. I just feel it needs a change and the photos need updating. After looking at several blogs I saw a few designed by Tiffany Kuehl. So I cannot wait to see the finished design! She is so fun to work with and I thoroughly recommend her.

2) Boy/Girl - Nicola went on maternity leave this week! She is due in 2 weeks time. I am so excited to be an auntie again! We do not know the sex of the baby but I have a hunch that it is a girl this time round. What do you lot reckon?

3) Tobago - I go to Tobago in 3 weeks and I cannot believe how quickly it has come around! I have been so caught up with the house that it has just sort of sprung up on us. I really cannot wait to get away though. I need a break.

4) House - the house is still coming along nicely. We had the utility area all plastered last week so it just needs painting.

5) Jack - I am still seeing Jack and things are going really well. I have decided to remain quite coy on the subject still and won't be sharing him on this blog anytime soon. He makes me happy and he's good for me. I am so glad I met him.

6) Robin Williams - the news of Robin Williams death has really hounded me today. I just feel awfully solemn. I really detest mental illness. It is just so unbelievably sad that someone so depressed could make people so happy.
'...to die would be a grand adventure' - Hook (my favourite Williams film)

7) My Gran - my family and I will be scattering my Gran's ashes next month. We have also decided to get a bench in memory of both my grandparents at their favourite walking spot. I really hope my local council approve.

8) Baking - Great British Bake Off is back! My Wednesdays nights are sorted!!! Shame I don't have a baking gene in me.

And that's my life in a nutshell right now. Lots going on but I would not have it any other way.


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