Friday, 1 August 2014

Cohen Update

I have not done a post on Cohen since Christmas and boy has he grown up a lot since then.

Hands down, I love this season he is in. Cohen is now nearly 2 1/2 years old and soon to be a brother in 4 weeks time.

He is the funniest kid and he is slowly turning into a little chatterbox. He is SO active and does not stop running and jumping around. However, he is also SO gentle. I sometimes call him a boo because he isn't a rough and tumble kind of kid. He hugs kindly, blows kisses sweetly, holds your hand delicately and strokes animals with such calmness. So this is 10 facts on Cohen at two years old.

1) He loves anything that has an engine. Cars, planes, trains and trucks you name it.

2) He can act out so many animal noises and do the actions to the animal. The other day I asked him to act like a crab! The pincers came out and he started moving sideways. I was in hysterics!

3) He is starting to get to an age of being able to comprehend and play games. He understands what it means to race, play chase and IT. 

4) He takes after his mum and loves cheese.

5) He is nicknamed cautious Cohen because when you first see him he is so cautious of his surroundings but once he gets used to you he is your best friend.

6) He loves being bounced and flung in the air like a plane. 

7) I love how at this age they start to understand things and say the cutest words! He can now say 'pease' and 'hank you' and he knows when it should be said. Toddlers really are like sponges! They learn so much so so quickly!

8) He enjoys art and books. He hasn't really taken an interest in sports like playing with balls and bats etc, much to the displeasure of his daddy who is a huge rugby fan.

9) Cohen is a big water baby. He enjoys bath time, swimming, the rain and puddles!

10) He has such good memory. When I moved house the previous owners left a gnome in the garden. Cohen took a shine to it and every time he comes to mine he asks to search for the gnome. I just find it incredible that a 2 year old remembers something like that.

He is so so funny! I know I am biased but he's the funniest two year old I know. Last weekend I asked him if he wanted a baby brother or sister. He said he wanted a sister. So when I mentioned that the baby might be a boy Cohen's reply was that he would 'cry lots' if it was a baby boy. 

I love this kid to the moon and back. It really amazes me how he looks like a little boy rather than a baby. I do miss the baby years but I absolutely adore him at this age. He is so fun and I'm so lucky to be his Auntie Becs.

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Barefoot blogger said...

He is soo cute and growing up fast. I'm syre he'll be an amazing big brother. Good luck Nicola. X.

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