Friday, 25 July 2014

Welcome Home

I am so excited to be able to show you my house! I moved in in May but with everything that's been going on I have only just got round to doing a video and editing.

Moving day was a bittersweet day. The day I got the keys to the house was sadly the day my Gran passed away. The painting, building and re-arranging of the house gave me a good distraction but it was also a reminder of the house my Gran would never see.

The actual transition in moving has been fine. I LOVE having my own place. I LOVE being able to have a quiet space. I LOVE being able to put my personality into the house. I do miss my family and sometimes I do miss the mayhem of living with a big family. However, I find the moments spent with my family has a lot more quality and my time with them is more intentional. 

I live with my housemate Lotte, she's a really good friend and also on my wavelength. She is great to live with and she is also a nurse doing shift work. So we have moments where we see each other lots and then times where we are passing ships. It's a great set up and I am very lucky.

So thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages. It's good to be in my new home and to anyone that wants to visit England/London, there's space at mine. Enjoy the video and...welcome to my house :)

As mentioned in the video Lotte and I do have plans to jazz up the house. They include:
  1. A new bathroom suite.
  2. Plastering the utility area and the wall between the garden doors.
  3. Eventually turning part of the utility area into a downstairs toilet.
  4. Removing the boards on the staircase and replacing them with spindles, this will hopefully open it up. 
  5. Landscaping the front garden.
  6. Getting a new front door.
We have also achieved lots of house improvements too, which have been costly but so worth it!
  1. We had wood flooring put throughout the house.
  2. We had the fascia boarding replaced to prevent damp.
  3. Had brand new guttering installed.
  4. Cavity wall and loft insulation added. 
  5. We have decorated every single room and still not finished!
It's hard work but we really enjoy it. One of the things I have been blessed with in some inheritance from my Gran. Some of her money will go towards the house improvements. So even though she isn't alive to come visit, she has helped significantly in helping to make my house a home.


Joyce said...

Your house is adorable! You've done a lot-it looks great! It was fun to hear you narrate. When we read blogs we imagine the voice on the other end, so it's always fun to actually hear it and match it with the person writing. Happy New Home!

Barefoot blogger said...

What a beautiful home. All your hard work paid off. Welcome to the next chapter of your life. X.

Mary said...

Your house is so stinkin' cute! LOVE the doors in the upstairs! It doesn't look like you'll need to do anything in the kitchen. I could listen to you all day long. :)

Ashley said...

What a gorgeous first home! I love everything about it! Having a new home is so much fun - and I adore everything that you have done to it thus far! :)

I love it!!!!!

And.. this may sound creepy, but your voice is beautiful!

<3 Ash

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