Monday, 21 July 2014

Green Fingers

For anyone that knows me, knows that I do not have a green bone in my body. I am still surprised the orchid I received from my sister as a house warming present is still alive! Since moving into my own house the one place I have neglected is the garden. Lotte (my housemate) and I have no desire to maintain the garden. We mow the lawn when we have to and we clean the garden furniture when we have to.

Since my Gran passed away we have been sorting out her home to get ready to sell. I have acquired some of her garden tools and since been inspired to put them to good use. My Grandparents loved gardening! I remember as a little girl my granddad showing me his vegetable patches and my gran loved flowers. Before her hip broke 3 years ago she was still kneeling down doing the weeding and potting new plants.

So I decided that I want a bit of them in my garden. We have some small flower beds that I de-weeded this week and put compost in. I had never used a garden spade or trowel in my life until this week. It was an experience I tell you but I can now see why people enjoy gardening. You get lost in your little world and its nice to be outside!

My Granddad always loved roses. He had rose bushes, rose climbers, rose ramblers in his gardens and whenever I see a rose I immediately think of him. The more perfume the rose has the better! My Gran always loved any flowers that were yellow.

So I decided to buy a yellow rose and put two worlds together. Below is the finished result. It needs to grow up the trellis but I have decorated the rose with some solar lights. I am really pleased with it and I hope my grandparents approve.

I miss them so much. After I planted the rose I walked into my living room in a sweaty mess. I am so glad they're together again but today was also a bittersweet reminder that they're not here anymore. I can't help but start crying when I repeat that sentence in my head.

They're not here anymore...but a rose reminding me of them does make me remember. And I am so grateful that I can do that.

I think there's a while to go until I appear on gardeners world or attend a flower show. But I am so glad that a corner of my garden is dedicated to them. My childhood was made so full because of them and my heart will always be happy I had them to call Gran and Granddad.


Laura Anne said...


My Nana loved roses too, and had all these little bits of garden. Every year she'd give me a little patch where I got to pick the seeds that would get planted in it. I'd totally forgotten about that until I read this post.

I wonder if all of our grandparents are somewhere sipping on cups of tea and chocolate biscuits discussing us...

Barefoot blogger said...

What a beautiful tribute.

I love the lights too - one for each of you?

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