Wednesday, 18 June 2014

See you soon

I know today would never be easy. If I am honest I haven't really grieved or cried since my Gran passed. I think mainly because I still know she is on this earth. Well her body is.

But after today she won't be and thats what hurts the most.

Today we say goodbye to my lovely Gran. In just over an hour we'll commit her body to be turned to ashes and we'll scatter her among a bed of roses in a few months.

I miss her terribly and today will be the last day I will walk into her house. I'll say goodbye to her belongings, her stack of newspapers, her garden roses and her smell. I miss her.

We may not have had the same faith but I do believe I will see her again. I do believe I will get to tell her things I achieve that she won't physically be here for. I do believe she is in a happier place, pain free and with my Grandad.

I miss her.

And I'll miss her everyday.

Gran, thank you for being my Gran. Thank you for being the only grandparent I got to grow up with. Thank you for coming to my graduation and thank you for all your help over the years. I was thinking last night about what I have got from you...and I think we same the logic on things, the same silly present ideas and I think the same smile.

I miss you and it has been a pleasure being your granddaughter. I'll always be your granddaughter, forever.

Rebecca x

1 comment:

Mary said...

Prayers and cyberhugs going out to you & your family today. :(

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