Monday, 23 June 2014

New York - The Empire State

Our time in NYC was the most full on day. I had been to NYC in November 2011, it was great but it was cold and got dark early. The main thing I wanted to see this time was The Empire State building because it was closed due to high winds when I was last there. We arrived late afternoon and we were able to spend the evening in Times Square. It was, as expected, very busy! But we were able to wander around, go shopping, take photos and get something to eat (with cocktails). The best part of that evening was seeing the NYC skyline at night. It looks so different and definitely worth the photo opportunity. The following day was jam packed - it was the best! And the best bit? It was beautiful and sunny! Below is a video.

The highlights:

Empire State
As I said before I never got the chance to see this in my previous visit so I never felt like I could tick the city off my visit list. Now I definitely can! It was a long wait but the views were worth it. I think I prefer the view from the top of the Rockerfella centre because there's more space to move around.

Statue of Liberty
This was a must see and even though I visited before, Lotte had not. It was good to go back and the island has the best view of the NYC skyline!

9/11 memorial
This was a very touching highlight to our day. I think they have honoured the fallen very beautifully and I think it is so sad that this is the grave for many of the victims. There are two water features to represent the north and south tower, with everyones name inscribed. The memorial was under construction on my last trip so I am so pleased I could go see it this time. This is definitely worth the visit.

Central Park
On my last visit we took a horse and carriage ride around the park so I never actually got to walk in it. So I made a point of walking in it this time. I am so pleased we visited in summer because the park really comes to life in the warm weather!!! There were people running, having picnics, water fights and some just resting. It is SO beautiful and well kept. I can see why people say its their favourite part, because in the hustle and bustle of the city it's good to have a place to get away from it all.

So now I can safely say I have completed everything I have wanted to do in NYC. But I wouldn't hesitate to go visit again. It has so much to offer!


Mary said...

I've only been to NYC once, and that was with a high school band (I was the Guard-flags & rifles- instructor) for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I want to go back and do what I want to do/see.

Amanda said...

Can you believe I've never been to NYC?! A travesty.

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