Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trinidad & Tobago

This is two months late in putting this on my blog. I know twitter and Facebook got the memo but back in January I booked a holiday. I ALWAYS get holiday blues in January! Who doesn't? But it is the one time of year I cannot afford to book a trip away due to Christmas being at the tail end of the previous year.

It's safe to say I had a pretty crap time of it last year and two of my friends mentioned that I should have a getaway somewhere relaxing, non touristy (like my May trip) and have a moment to just do nothing! My older sister mention British Airways were doing a winter sale and when I logged on I could NOT BELIEVE the deals on offer!!!

As many of you know I have a travel list and when I look at it I'd say the Caribbean stands out as a number one place to relax! My sister is currently in Jamaica and has messaged me saying how chilled it is. So I know I have made a good choice in choosing TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO!!!

My friends and I are staying in Tobago but will plan a visit to Trinidad to visit the capital and see their natural waterfalls. We aren't going until September but I am so looking forward to it!

Our resort and beach.

Has anyone been or know of anyone that has visited? Anything you recommend to do?


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds amazing! :) A nice relaxing vacation is just what you need! I am SO incredibly jealous!

<3 Ash

Joyce said...

I've never been, but just having a trip on the calendar lifts my spirits. I've been many places in the Carribean and have loved them all.

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