Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Mum

I have been inspired to write this tribute to my Mum on Mothers Day, since this week I felt the roles were reversed. I have cared for, worried, fretted and probably annoyed my mum more this week than in my whole life. She was taken very poorly this week and is now on the mend. It's the most ill I have seen her and the most worried I have been to.

And then I realised that this is how my mum feels x 4! All the time. How do mums do it? The mother-daughter relationship is so important. I think it helps us to celebrate being a woman and what we're designed to give to our or future children.

Is it a hard relationship at times? Definitely!

Is it one of the most important relationships you could have in your life? You bet it is!

There are times my mum drives me crazy. I wouldn't go as far to say she is my best friend (because in my eyes you can't be "friends" with a parent) but she is my favourite person. I was formed and developed in her womb so to me there is literally no closer relationship I could have in my life.

There are so many things I could write now to say how bloody amazing my mum is. Isn't every person's mum the best in the world? I totally agree with that. Today I want to celebrate some of the gifts given by my mum that at the time weren't so great. As they say it isn't until we learn to love the hard to love parts, do we actually understand what true love is.

Dear Mum,

Thank you for my thunder thighs. I have come to learn that I'll never have the skinny legs I long for or be able to look good in hot pants/shorts. But like you have said to me in the least I have a softer landing for when I fall! So thank you for my wonderfully wobbly thighs.

Thank you for your Muttley laugh. I remember when I was younger how I used to roll my eyes because when you laughed your face screwed up like you were constipated. I now have the exact same laugh and if I look like I need a poo? Who cares! I am glad it has never changed.

Thank you for your matter of fact honesty. I so desperately wanted you to shut up when I was a kid. There were many times in the playground and at school events where I just wanted you to lie. 'Yes Rebecca never leaves her homework to the last minute' would have been a great one for parents evening! Thank you for not being like the other mothers who made out their children were perfect. You have always accepted we aren't and it taught me in the long run that honesty earns respect.

Thank you for being my biggest fan and sticking up for us. I'll never forget when the school board wouldn't statement Philip for his dyslexia. You marched into his classroom and told the teacher that all 7 year old should know their ABC's and Philip couldn't. You put her in her place and stuck up for your son. Philip can now do his ABC's and so much more if it wasn't for your determination to get him the right education! It's your strength of character that has allowed me to trust myself and my instincts.

I guess now is as good as any time to thank you for my feet big foot! I wanted the world to swallow me up when I was a kid at ballet. I swear my feet were double the size of all the dainty ones doing pirouettes around me. And even though now I am buying size 7 shoes I guess I am more grounded. So yeah...thank you large, well grounded, firmly stuck to the floor feet!

And lastly thank you for being repetitive. I remember all those term time Sundays essay writing and crying about how I couldn't do my degree because it was so much tougher than I EVER imagined. You would always say 'all you can do is your best' and I used to curse when you weren't looking. It made my blood boil because it didn't fix anything at that moment. But now the essays are over (I hope!) and I am in a career I love. You're right...and I don't hate to say it...all you can do is your best and your best is always good enough.

Thank you for being wonderful and for being my true love. For letting me be your not so perfect daughter and my perfect mum. Thank you for being all of you and giving me the opportunity to be all of me.

Happy Mother's day, Mum

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sick Season

Just like they say at Christmas 'Tis the season to be jolly...' it seems 'Tis the season to be my household at the moment. My Gran came home last week and seems to be doing okay. I think she is as well as she is going to be. It's just sad to see the marked deterioration in her so suddenly. However, it is now my mums turn to be ill. She has had the sniffles for about a week but then on Monday couldn't even get out of bed. I was so worried about her that I nearly took her to hospital but encouraged her to go to the doctor and put on some strong antibiotics. She was diagnosed with community acquired pneumonia!

Today is the first day she has eaten since Sunday and the first time she has been out of bed to not take medication or be sick. As a result everyone has been mucking in to run the house and it's times like this that I realise how much my mum actually does. I'm surprised she wasn't taken ill sooner!

With mothers day being on Sunday (in the UK!) it certainly makes me realise how much I appreciate her. I am certainly spoiling her over the next few days.

Get better soon Mum!

Sunday, 16 March 2014


This time last weekend I really thought we were going to lose my Gran. She could barely talk, dipping in and out of consciousness and her lungs were filling up with fluid. She even told my family that she had organised her funeral.

Well a week later she is still with us and SO MUCH better! It's really hard to believe that last week she was at deaths door and now she is sitting up and talking away to us. Don't get me wrong, it is still a long way to go to recovery. She still struggles to breathe and has a lot of difficulty walking. We have pretty much decided that we'll have to look for a new home for her at some point. As it is doubtful she'll manage in her house.

But she is here and things are pointing in the right direction. Thank you to everyone that sent kind words and messages. It really does make a difference. I'm a happy granddaughter right now.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I don't want you to go.

This has been a very tough week. My Gran fell ill with pneumonia and she is struggling to get better. I'm finding it very difficult trying to take my nursing head off and be the supportive granddaughter. But I can't lie and say that the outlook isn't too great the minute either.

I'm with you every step of the way Gran

It's almost like a waiting game of trying to see if she gets better or not. She talks and moves but she is so exhausted from struggling to breathe.

I was sat there this afternoon and I had to leave the room and cry. Yesterday was international women's day and I could not help but think 'I could not have existed without her.' If she weren't alive then she would not have had my incredible Mum, and then obviously I would't be here either.

I am watching her disappear and it's selfish to say I don't want her to go. No-one does and I hope she gets better. I want nothing more than for her to be well again.

Whatever the angels choose to it with grace. She's my Gran and a wonderful forthright lady.

I need all the happy thoughts and positive vibes in the world right now.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trinidad & Tobago

This is two months late in putting this on my blog. I know twitter and Facebook got the memo but back in January I booked a holiday. I ALWAYS get holiday blues in January! Who doesn't? But it is the one time of year I cannot afford to book a trip away due to Christmas being at the tail end of the previous year.

It's safe to say I had a pretty crap time of it last year and two of my friends mentioned that I should have a getaway somewhere relaxing, non touristy (like my May trip) and have a moment to just do nothing! My older sister mention British Airways were doing a winter sale and when I logged on I could NOT BELIEVE the deals on offer!!!

As many of you know I have a travel list and when I look at it I'd say the Caribbean stands out as a number one place to relax! My sister is currently in Jamaica and has messaged me saying how chilled it is. So I know I have made a good choice in choosing TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO!!!

My friends and I are staying in Tobago but will plan a visit to Trinidad to visit the capital and see their natural waterfalls. We aren't going until September but I am so looking forward to it!

Our resort and beach.

Has anyone been or know of anyone that has visited? Anything you recommend to do?
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