Sunday, 2 February 2014

Room to breathe


I have the next week off work and I really cannot wait. I have noticed since Christmas that I am getting more ratty at work and pissed off more easily. To have a week of me time, seeing my friends, spending time with my nephew, going to see Taylor Swift and counting down to my birthday next week is just what I need.

Sometimes you just need some time out right?

Plus, I am seeing this guy for the first time in over a year. Oli has been travelling in Australia for year. He came back briefly but is going back again next weekend for another year. I cannot wait to see him!

This is a picture of us from 8 years ago…it's amazing how quickly time passes. Have a great week everyone!


Callie Nicole said...

Enjoy your week off work! Sometimes a break is just what you need, you know? And I'm jealous you're seeing Taylor Swift!

Ashley said...

A whole week off will be so nice, especially when it is much needed. Enjoy it! Can't wait to hear/see pics of the Taylor Swift concert! Sounds like so much fun - she is so talented!

<3 Ash

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