Monday, 24 February 2014

Auntyhood: Round 2

That's right!

I am going to be an aunty again. Nicola and Robbie are due in August and we are so pleased for them. It wasn't a surprise really because they always said they were going to try after the wedding. But it's great to know we will be welcoming another addition to the family.

We won't lie, we'd love for them to have a little girl. But after Nicola's rough start to her first pregnancy I'm just pleased that all tests have come back clear and the baby is healthy! They are keeping the sex a surprise which I LOVE!!! It makes you anticipate the birth so much more!!!

My only worry is that Nicola is due one week before I go on holiday and Cohen was a week late. So please baby, don't be late!

Otherwise we are all thrilled. Oh and also whilst I have mentioned Cohen he is growing into the cutest little man. He is starting to talk more and has the best facial expressions! He never fails to make my day.

I forgot to mention...he loves cake too!


Callie Nicole said...

So exciting, Becca! Hopefully she'll come right on time so you can be there when she's born!

Ashley said...

That's wonderful news! So exciting! Babies are soooo much fun! I heard that second babies usually come early - so I'm crossing my fingers for ya!

<3 Ash

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