Monday, 27 January 2014

On the property ladder.

It is SO fun writing about good things on my blog. It's refreshing and makes me feel really excited for a change. In my last post I talked about how stressed I was getting at house hunting.

So many of you were right. It does take time but when you find a house you love, it just feels right. So today I went looked at a house, fell in love with it and put in an offer.

The offer was ACCEPTED and taken off the market. I am OVER THE MOON!

I have wanted to move out for a couple of years but always hated the idea of renting. I have been saving for a number of years and with everything that's happened lately moving out was put on the back burner. That was until my friend said she really wanted to move out, she had enough money to buy a place but not enough to live off each month. So we discussed the idea of us getting a place together!

At first I was dubious. Lotte is one of my really good friends and I hated the idea of this making our friendship worse rather than better. The process of getting a mortgage is HUGE and quite a big decision to make as it is not an easy process to undo. However, after a lot of talking and weighing it all up. I just knew I would love living with her! We looked at 9 houses before choosing this one and when we walked in we just looked at each other and mouthed 'I love it.'

So here we are…I have a house. A real house with bricks and everything! And this is going to be my new home in a few months. It's kind of scary but so incredibly liberating too! You can see photos of the house by clicking here.

Let the house shopping begin!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Who said house hunting was fun?

I have heard a few times people saying that house hunting is fun. I can categorically say it is not fun. I have viewed 4 houses and made an offer on one (sadly offer declined). I have found my head consumed with with house talk, prices, mortgages, APR's and deposits. I swear I spend all my free time on house selling sites too! I need a life as I am starting to look like this…

I need a break!

And I haven't even bought anywhere yet!

Please tell me it gets better right?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Manicure convert!

I very rarely have my nails manicured. This is mainly due to the fact that I wash my hands so much at work, and use the alcohol gel a lot, that any nice nails I do have get ruined.

I am not allowed to have acrylics or tips on my nails but we are allowed to have a 'light base' of clear nail varnish. But even the bottles of nail lacquer I buy aren't good. They soon wash off and my nails are still brittle.

This was until my best friend had shellac done and her nails were so pretty AND tougher! So on new years eve I treated myself and had clear shellac applied to my nails. I am a massive convert!

This is a picture of my nails on the day. Please excuse how short my nails are. They are so brittle and break easily.

These are my nails 2 weeks after shellac. Apart from my nails being slightly longer they are still just as shiny!

The benefits of shellac are:
  • It can last up to a month. If you are in a job where you are very hands on it can last up to 3 weeks.
  • It doesn't lose shine. I get commented almost daily how shiny my nails are.
  • It's much cheaper than having fake nails/gels applied.
  • It is a lot less harmful than most nail gels and acrylics. Shellac still allows your nail to breathe and doesn't damage the nail bed.
The only downsides are:
  • It isn't a nail strengthener, so for someone with brittle nails like me it doesn't make my nails feel stronger. However, because I know there is shellac on them I am a lot more aware of breaking them so that is a plus.
  • As expected when the nail grows the varnish grows up so you see your colour separate from the nail bed. This can look hideous BUT because I have clears varnish I haven't noticed this.
  • You can't buy shellac in the shops. You have to go to a professional to have them done.
It is safe to say that as a girly treat every 3 weeks I am having my nails manicured.

Do you have your nails manicured regularly?

Monday, 13 January 2014

Fun new project!

For Christmas my older sister brought me a scratch map as a gift. I have to say it is one of my favourite presents I've ever had!!! It is so simple. Once you have visited a country you scratch it off using a coin. I have always felt that I have been quite a bit of a traveller but my map looks so blank.

It has certainly given me itchy feet. My Gran said she will have it framed for my birthday next month. This way I can enjoy it on my wall and dream about the future places I want to go and see! I thoroughly recommend it for anyone that has an interest in seeing the world.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Must vs Could

Are you one of those people who keeps lists of things you need to keep track of? Or one of those people who appears to not be happy unless you have something to worry about?

I am one of those people and during the last six months I have been VERY VERY aware that being like this isn't healthy. I always felt that having a list was a good way of keeping on top of things. Whenever I had a day off I would tackle my list or try to complete my errands. But quite often at the end of the day my list was either longer or barely touched.

I felt like a failure.

I never looked forward to having free time because it meant doing things I didn't really want to do and I just felt exhausted. In my therapy classes we tackled this issue and I wanted to share with you, you type A list keepers, how to make yourselves feel better. Simply because it has worked wonders for me!!!

In the beginning I thought it was the keeping of lists or repeating what I had to do in my head that was the unhealthy part. I would keep myself up at night relaying in my head my errands and quite often had to make a note of it somewhere so I could fall asleep ha! It sounds silly but I soon realised it was my approach to it that was wrong!

I would quite often say 'I need to go to the gym' or 'I must post this off or I'll forget' and the most common one 'If I don't do this no-one else will.'

Because telling ourselves that we MUST HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, DEFINITELY HAVE TO do things isn't healthy. As it takes just the one time we don't do something to feel miserable and focus on the one thing we didn't do compared to the million other things you did do that day! It is demotivating and makes us feel pretty sucky.

So in my therapy classes they taught us to stop ourselves from thinking like that and to get others around us to say something when they caught us out. I came away feeling really empowered and told my family/friends that if they caught me saying what I MUST and NEED to do, to stop me and question how much of priority it was. Did I HAVE to do it? or COULD I do it?

Now I say things like 'I COULD go to the gym...' or 'I might go out tonight…' and 'if I don't have time to do it then it isn't the end of the world.' Since not being so forceful on myself I find I exercise more and am far less harder on myself in general.

So next time when you're feeling guilty for not doing something, look at how you could change your approach to it. You'll never be wonder woman so quit trying to be.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Advice Please.

Regardless of whether people feel this post is appropriate it is something I want to get off my chest. It has been in draft all week but I am intrigued to see if people agree or could give another reasoning.

I won't mention said ex boyfriend's name in this post and I do want to point out I am not intentionally trying to sound cruel. I know this is the internet but I also know said ex boyfriend has moved on and very doubtful he follows this blog anymore.

When my ex and I were together it was only natural I introduced him to my friends. He became very friendly with my best friend's partner. Since we broke up they have kept in contact but my ex has also wanted to stay in contact with my best friend too. In November Kath (my best friend) text me asking if I was okay about them three meeting up. I was at the time! I have to stress I really did not mind at all because at the end of the day it was me who broke up with my ex. However, over new year Kath was telling me about their meal with my ex and I felt really uncomfortable. It was the first time in a few weeks that I found my anxiety coming back, I couldn't sleep and just generally felt very weird about it.

I guess imagining them three meeting up and then them actually meeting up were two very different scenarios in my head! Over new year I also found out that my ex is seeing a new girl. I have to be honest I am really pleased for him but I keep thinking in my head 'what if the four of them meet up and double date?' or 'why does my ex have to see my friends? does he not have his own?' I have HUGE issue with my best friend meeting his new girlfriend! I really don't feel it is okay and I don't think he realises how being in contact with MY friends really irks me. It just feels like I want to move on but I can't because he is still attached to me somehow. I messaged my ex for the first time today in a very long time putting my feelings down. He didn't reply, nor did I expect him too but I guess I just hoped after everything we went through together he'd have the respect to understand this isn't very fair on me.

I won't lie I started getting quite upset. I spoke to Kath who has said she understands and won't see my ex unless she has to, due to the fact her boyfriend and my ex are good friends. It all sounds a mess but what I really want to know is - am I being unreasonable and unfair? I have moments where I feel like a real cow and then times where I just want to cry my eyes out over it.

I just want to hear your thoughts on this situation. Am I being dramatic and over paranoid? or quite right in thinking that this situation is bizarre and unfair on the people involved?

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