Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reflecting on 2013

What a year 2013 has been? I know I say it every year but how quickly did it whizz by? I have to say, unlike other years, I am quite happy to leave 2013 behind. It really has been an emotional year!!! So I am going to reflect on it to take in the highs and lows. 

1) What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

For me it was seeing my sister get married. I loved being her bridesmaid and I really loved that we got a holiday out of it too. Nicola and Robbie have been together 13 years so their wedding had been a long time in the waiting. But worth every minute.

2) What was the single most challenging thing that has happened?

Definitely going through my breakdown and being diagnosed with depression/anxiety in July. It's a time in my life I'd rather forget but I have learnt so much from it as well. The journey continues into next year and I hope I get better and better.

3) What was an unexpected joy this year?

Getting my promotion at work this month. I am now a fully fledge senior nurse on my team! With everything that has been going on the last 5 months, progress at work took a backseat. So to be offered a promotion and pay rise was totally unexpected!

4) Pick 3 words to describe 2013.

Challenging, tough and blessed.

5) What were the most entertaining things you have seen/done this year?

Where do I start? Visiting Florida and Cyprus! Trying my hand at rock climbing and jet skiing. Booking America 2014! Singing to Cohen turning 1. Seeing Matilda with Laurie and Ruth, Ghost with Emma and Becca and Jersey Nights in theatre. Standing next to space shuttles and rockets at Kennedy Space Centre. Meeting Dolphins! Holding a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan, visiting a chocolate factory, watching the horse racing at Ascot and going in a photo booth!

6) With whom were your most valuable relationships?

I'd have to say my online friendships. You know who you all are! After my breakdown people really rallied round in calling me, texting me, sending me cards, emails and messages. It was and still is invaluable! I cannot thank you all enough - from the bottom of my heart thank you.

7) What was the single biggest waste of your time this year?
My anxiety! The low mood I could understand but dealing with anxiety over such trivial things was such a waste of my time. I would get myself anxious over the smallest things and then when I started feeling better they seemed so minor to bigger things!!! 

8) What are you most proud of doing this past year?
I'm really proud for raising money for Macmillan cancer nursing this year. Here in the UK they hold a nationwide charity morning. We bring in cakes and prizes for competitions! It was so much fun to organise and set up. My work place raised £250 and I will definitely be doing it next year!!!

9) What was the most enjoyable aspect of this year for you?
I would have to say Florida! To travel over the state was so fun! Simon and I made some great memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. We visited Disneyworld, Miami and Florida Keys in two weeks. It was tiring but so worth it!!! 

10) How did you spend Christmas 2013?

For the first time in 8 years I had Christmas off. I worked a late shift Christmas Eve whether we exchanged our secret santas! Then on Christmas day my Gran, Nicola, Robbie and Cohen came over for lunch. We opened presents and played board games until the evening. It was quiet but really relaxed! 
11) What did you do in 2013 that you hadn't done before?
I turned 24 years old =]. And I tried Butterbeer!

                                                              Do you think I liked it?

12) Finally your plans for 2014, what are you most looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to changing shift next year. 2013 was a fun but mainly unexpected year all rolled into one. 2013 seems to be the year of concerts! I'm seeing Taylor Swift twice, Katy Perry, McBusted and Boyce Avenue (so far!) I'm excited for my trip around East USA and Canada in May as well! Also, Cohen turns two in April (i'd like Nicola to be pregnant #2 too!) I am aiming to hopefully be in a position to buy a house with my best friend mid summer! I will also be starting my counselling course in January which will be a massive blessing to my sanity.

However you're spending your last day/night in 2013. I really hope you all look back on 2013 with fondness with lots to look forward to next year. 

See you in 2014 everyone! Happy new year! 

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