Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Airmail Christmas - Sign up!

'I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year' - Charles Dickens

There's just 5 days until Airmail Christmas closes for people signing up to it. After the 1st December I will be pairing people up via a random number generator. The response so far has been awesome and I am so pleased! But there is still plenty more room for Christmas wishes to be sent.

Airmail Christmas is a Christmas card exchange that goes around the world. It is open to anyone and everyone! So if you have been thinking of joining in then please do hop on the sleigh and send Christmas wishes to someone you may not know!

Airmail Christmas was started after I cared for a wonderful lady dying from cancer last Autumn. She loved Christmas and felt very strongly that spreading Christmas magic around the world, other than just those closest to you, got people to be more appreciative in this season. This year Airmail Christmas is being dedicated to another wonderful lady - Mama MB! You can read about her life and legacy in this post.

If you're willing take part and extend your Christmas spirit onto other people then all you have to do is this.

1) Email your address (it can be your home, work or anywhere else address that you'd like a card posted to you at) to the designated email address: forrobin_christmas(at)hotmail.com. Please be rest assured your addresses will be held confidentially and not shared with anyone else apart from the person who will be sending you the card. Emails need to be sent by the 1st December 2013.

2) I will then email you the address of someone else that you can send a card to this year.

3) Once you have posted your card all you need to do is wait for the card that you will receive from another generous blogger.

4) Then blog/tweet/facebook/instagram the card you have received. I will do a link up just before or after Christmas.

The only rule is that if you're paired up with someone who lives abroad then you need to be willing to send the card to another country. I hope this will also be seen as a way of connecting with new people. 

I really hope you take part in the Christmas card exchange. When I spoke to Doria about it she was really touched that it's in honour of her Mama!

The more the merrier, so tell your family, friends, blog friends, facebook and twitter (#airmailchristmas) about it! Let's wish everyone 'A Very Airmail' Christmas this year!!!

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