Monday, 7 October 2013

The day I met Holly

I've always said that the best thing about blogging is meeting other bloggers. I have met a few bloggers in real life like Laurie, Sam and Ruth in London. I also met up with April in Las Vegas last year! So in August I got to finally meet my friend Holly from New Zealand!

Holly is coming over for teaching experience and to try something new. I just love that she was 26 hours away and now only 3 hours from me. It was so good to finally meet her after about 4 years of blogging and tweeting each other. I hope she wasn't too offended when I said I thought she sounded more Aussie than Kiwi!

We went round London for the afternoon. I introduced her to Big Ben so she could hear him chime. We went and visited Westminster Abbey (where Kate and William got married), then I took her to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen (haha I wish!) Afterwards we just talked and talked while we walked and walked. It was really fun to be open with each other and finally talk face to face! In the evening I took her for Japanese food and at the end she gave me Kiwi chocolate!!!! I loved it!

Holly I am so glad we're finally IRL friends. We better see each other soon, as now we don't have oceans and countries blocking our way!


Amanda Louise said...

This is my favorite thing about blogging! I still can't believe we JUST missed each other when you came to California!

Holly said...

Hahaha well considering *I* sometimes struggle to work out whether someone's Australian or a New Zealander I don't think I have the right to be offended! :P

I love our photos, cleverly taken by the person you thought looked least likely to run off with your phone! :D

Mary said...

Meeting bloggy friends: So. Much. Fun! You have the nervousness/anxiety of wondering if there will be enough to say, but then when you start talking, you can't shut up!

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