Saturday, 7 September 2013

What I Look Like

Since being diagnosed with depression a lot of people have said that they are surprised how honest I am about it. They tend to think that people with depression tend to be quiet, remorseful and shy away from being upfront about it.

I have always been a person who shares my life with others. Depression will never change that. I have chosen to talk about it because primarily it helps me and gives me a chance to vent, regardless of whether people are interested or not. I have blogged for 6 years and have shared my life on here for people to witness. I am not going to stop now, so I guess it's a sorry not sorry approach I have.

There is one thing I really want to talk about though and one thing that I really want to get off my chest. Depression does not mean you're sad or down everyday. Depression does not mean you hide away and are a recluse everyday. Depression most certainly does not mean you are unkind and resentful of others happiness everyday. Sure there are some days where the world is tougher to juggle but the stigma I have seen attached to it makes me sad.

I'll tell you what depression looks like.

Enjoying the simplest things

Achieving things you have worked so hard over

Appreciating the world in all it's glory

Taking in the sites

Trying to work out if the grass is greener on the other side

Jumping for joy

Experiencing new life

Cherishing those we love

Trying new things

Just trying the be the best possible version of me

Mental health is a hard working parent. Mental health is a passionate person who loves their God. Mental health is a person who puts everyone before themselves. Mental health is a father who stays up all hours of the night to make sure their kids are home safe. Mental health is the mother smiling as her child graduates. Mental health is a friend who gives more than they can take. Mental health is a son/daughter who works all hours under the sun to provide for their families.

It can affect anyone. So lets end the stigma.


Barefoot blogger said...

Wise words indeed. So proud of you. C.

Amanda Louise said...

I love this perspective, middle name twin. I grew up facing mental health issues (a family member's) and while there's a darker side it's definitely not always doom and gloom. You can be a whole person with a full life, not just that one label "depressed." :)

Janet said...

You're such a brave girl! :)

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