Thursday, 19 September 2013

Throwback Thursday - Ollie

This week is one that melts my heart. One of the most bittersweet times of my life was finishing secondary school. I loved my school and I cherish the friends I made there. You always make that pact of 'we'll promise to stay in contact!' It's such a shame that life moves on and so do your friends. But I will always remember them so fondly.

This is a picture of my school friend Ollie and I in May 2005. It was our last week of school and I can honestly say I laughed the most with this guy. We giggled in Maths, shouted hello to each other across the lunch table everyday, met at the back gate every morning to walk to form together and rolled our eyes at the thought of having to run around the school track. So we walked instead ha! I still keep in contact with him via Facebook but we are at different places in our lives. I remember our laughs together so much and I miss it!

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