Monday, 30 September 2013

Girls night: Are you in or out?

I remember in my late teens getting ready for a night out. The process would start late afternoon with a shower, hair in rollers, friends coming over to choose clothes, do each other's make up, pre drinks, eating take-away and then heading out about 10pm.

Just the next day waking up in the clothes from the night before, stale make up on your face, sticky feet from split alcohol and the worst headache in the world has made girly nights out become less frequent for me, In fact, I haven't had a night out drinking, dancing and staying up all hours for well over a year.

The reason being? I'd much rather have a girly night in. I love having my friends round, ordering in take-away, choosing from an array of movies, big bowl of popcorn/sweets at the ready and a few bottles of wine. Then chuck in some board games for when the chick flick movies get a bit repetitive and there you have it!

As I write this the scene from Grease where they have the sleepover comes to my mind. I love it because they just gossip and laugh at their antics. It helps to make priceless memories.

The reason I say this is because a recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo showed that 70% of women would rather a night in than a night out. So that's 7/10 ladies! And I have to say I am proudly one of them and here are the main reasons why:

1) It's cheaper

I find nights out quite pricey. In fact 75% of the women asked in this survey agreed! A round of drinks can be nearly £20 for a group of my friends. £20 could buy me double in a food store. It's not just about the drink either! I have friends who don't drink and quite often when we go out feel that they are boring amongst all the drinkers. So a girly night in can stop them feeling like that. I will say though that the money spent on food for a night in is more pricey than that of a night out but it beats the greasy kebab or burger you'd probably buy anyway.

2) You can have more of a laugh

This is so true and I agree with the 80% of ladies who say this too. I hate having to shout over the music to get someones attention or talk to my friends. No wonder I have a hoarse throat in the morning after a night out. I love just sitting at home on the sofa or in the garden, glass of wine in hand, plates of food and great flowing conversation! There's no working out how many hours it's going to take you to get ready. It's easier and simpler.

3) You can choose your own crowd of people

Anyone experienced the drunk man who wants you to dance with them or the slimy guy that wants a drunken kiss? I have and I don't feel special. In fact I get quite irritated because just as you start to have a good time you are being bashed by the crazy dancers or slipping on the floor from the alcohol that's been spilt. At least when I have my friends over I know them! And even if we do get a little silly, I'm being silly with people I like and enjoy being around.

I hosted a girly night in for my friend Sacha as her hen do! She was heavily pregnant at the time and it just seemed so suited to us!!!

4) Wear what you want

Enough said. No worrying about what you have to wear or spending money on a new outfit. Also, does anyone wear tights on a night out? Because I do! I fret about them laddering and what an unclassy look I would be giving off. On another note I also had a friend whose heel of her shoe broke on the dance floor. It wasn't fun hobbling round.

5) Tailor it to your needs

Everyone has their own version of a girly night in. My friends and I love board games. We tend to order take out, have a couple bottles of wine and play games like Twister. We may watch a film but we tend to just talk whilst it's showing. So it gets to the end of the movie and we look at each other to say 'did we watch any of that?' which then cues the giggling.

I won't say I am totally against having a night out. In fact I am having one next month with my work colleagues. I am really looking forward to it but that's because I hardly do it.

So are you like me? Do you much prefer a girly night out or a night in?

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