Thursday, 26 September 2013

Can we end it now?

Yesterday I came home from work and was appalled with what I saw on social networking sites. Halloween is just around the corner and of course shops are trying to sell their costumes. However, this just spells out wrong on so many levels!

Do we end the stigma now? I used to work in a mental health hospital. It was a calm and lovely environment! If I think back I never saw people going round with an axe and bloodstained clothes. This just goes to show that when people think of mental health they go straight to thinking strait jackets, sedation, murderers, bubble wrapped rooms to bang their heads against. For someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I just feel so defeated that people think this is okay.

To me this is the face of mental health.

And I don't think my 'costume' would sell too well do you? It's time to change.

1 comment:

Brooke said...

Tell me you are safe on that cliff!! I don't let the kids walk on the 'close' side in the mall!

Certainly a poor taste costume. I've had a couple of people close to me with serious mental health issues and it's a very different picture as you say.

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