Thursday, 29 August 2013

Throwback Thursday - Prom

This week's delve into the archives goes back to when I was 16 at my school prom!

I had my school prom when I was 16 on the 1st July 2005. This is a picture of some of my girlfriends outside. It was themed 'Hollywood' - so we had a red carpet to walk down with paparazzi!

This is my favourite picture from the night. At the time Kathryn and Lorraine were my two best friends. Since then Lorraine and I grew apart but Kath and I are still really really good friends. Our prom night started off really badly because our limo broke down on the way to Lorraine's house! We were so gutted and we ended up walking. Yes walking to our prom!!! However, all was not lost because when prom ended we came outside to see a hummer limo awaiting us. We had the best fun in that hummer and I made some of the best memories!


Ashley said...

Walking to your prom huh? Wow. That is crazy. Well good thing they had a hummer limo after all that! LOL. Besides the walking part, I'm sure you had a great night. Your dress looks so pretty!

<3 Ash

Janet said...

Such wonderful memories! I remember my prom (100 years ago) and cannot believe I picked such an old fashioned dress to wear! My daughter nearly died when she saw the pictures .... said I looked as though I was going to a Sunday morning church service! Hahaha! Have a lovely week-end - from a freezing cold Johannesburg!

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