Saturday, 13 July 2013

We're going to Miami!

Before we left for Miami, after seeing the Kennedy Space Centre, we took a little detour to Cocoa Beach. I work with Dan who is from Michigan and he said it's his favourite beach in the world. So I just knew we had to make a stop off here. It was a beautiful beach and so vast! It seemed to go on forever. We only spent about half an hour here having a paddle in the water and writing in the sand. Then our 3 hour drive to Miami began...

If there is one thing to describe Miami is this - you get exactly what it is says on the tin. It is full of fast/expensive cars, posh places to eat out, people walking around looking like a million dollars and the sun shines most of the time. It only rained once during our 3 day stay. I can totally see why Miami isn't to everyones taste. It is mellow during the day and comes alive at night. It's quite a nocturnal city!

We wanted Miami to be semi relaxing but also a place to go see/do things. We usually went to South beach for the morning/early afternoon and then did something in the afternoon/evening around Miami town. People normally go to Miami for the beaches (and there beautiful beaches) but it also has other attractions too. Below is a list of what we did.

South beach - it has yellow sand and clear water so what more could you ask for? We were so lucky that our hotel was a 2 minute walk from here.

Gator Park/Everglades - A couple of months before we flew out I looked after a patient from Florida. He said I'd be stupid not to see some of the Everglades National Park. Simon and I looked up places we could go that were not far from Miami but still see the Everglades. We settled on visiting Gator park which is an air boat tour in the Everglades and also see some Alligators. We really enjoyed this! Neither of us had been on an airboat before which was fun (although very loud, wear ear plugs!) and we saw a few Alligators in the water. As for the Everglades itself, it was so lush and really picturesque. It was also really cool too, it was a very hot day so it was nice to feel some breeze! After the boat tour we saw an animal show which was good.

Miami Marlins Ballpark - We spent an evening watching the Miami Marlins vs St. Louis Cardinals. I had never been to a baseball game before so it was another of firsts for me. I really loved how relaxed the atmosphere was! Fans just came and went as they pleased and it was good to try and understand the game too. To me it is just like English rounders with maybe a few extra rules. It is a LONG game though - we left towards the end as it was getting late. But we found out Miami beat St. Louis the following day. Go Marlins!

Also while we were out there, there was Miami Heat fever! I believe they were in the MBA finals and on the nights they won their games against the San Antonio Spurs the city was really buzzing!

I really liked Miami! It isn't a city I would rush back to but it was fun to experience. It is a varied place to just relax or go away for a weekend away to visit.

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