Monday, 1 July 2013

Simon and I - Week 9

Week 9 has arrived and this week we're focusing on personality. I am taking part in Callie's 'Derek and me' series which you can check out here.

Week 9 - What is your favourite personality trait about them.

There are many parts of Simon's personality that I absolutely adore and love him for. If I really had to choose one it would be his positivity. Simon always tries to find the 'nice guy' in a person, he looks for the good over evil and he genuinely wakes up each morning with the feeling that it can be a 'good day'. He is hardly ever, and I mean ever in a bad mood! He wakes up happy and goes to bed as content as he possibly can. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is. I know some people can find 'happy people' a little annoying but I really don't. I work in a profession that can be emotionally draining. I don't know who I am caring for and what patients I deal with until I go on shift. I have to expect the unexpected continually and this for me causes good days and bad days. It's such a good feeling to leave work knowing I am going home to a positive person that makes me see the light in everything I do. It makes me feel very lucky to have him!

Also, I can't not mention this as it is a close second but I love how forgiving Simon is. This is where we are polar opposites. I hold grudges and if someone betrays me I will not forgive them. Last year Simon's Dad left the family and even through the emotional turmoil of losing his Dad. Simon still hoped their relationship would be rekindled, despite everything he still remained positive even in the darkest of times. When things did get better and his Dad returned home, Simon forgave him. As much as I could not at the time I found it very admirable of him. He has a very forgiving nature that I hope no-one takes advantage of!

Night away in the country. July 2012.


Life in a Small Town said...

Wow! He sounds a lot like my husband, personality-wise. Sounds like he's a "keeper"!!! said...

Wow. Simon, you're putting me to shame, as I think I'm still working on the forgiveness to my own Dad! Hope to meet you IRL with Rebecca soon!

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