Friday, 12 July 2013

Kennedy Space Centre

After our week in Disneyworld we then took an hour drive east to Cape Kennedy where the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) is located. This is something Simon really wanted to see and do. He really likes anything to do with space and planets. Below is a video from our day visit here.

I had read some reviews on KSC and some of them were quite negative saying it was boring, not worth the money and not a lot to do. Seriously how wrong could they be? I agree the ticket entry price is a little expensive but we got a summer deal they had going by getting the tickets before we flew out.

There is so much to do there that we did not have time to do it all. The things you must do is a tour of the shuttle site, go to the iMAX, the astronaut memorial area and mooch around the rockets. The rockets just looked like big toys to me and they weren't replicas. These rockets had really been in space. We also took a video tour of the Moon landings which I found absolutely amazing! I just developed this real appreciation for the Space programme and just how dangerous it is to go up into space. Afterwards we went into their iMAX theatre and watched a documentary on Hubble - again this was really good and it was in 3D. During this time we missed the meet and greet with a real astronaut which would have been cool to do. Our last stop was the memorial area which I thought was really touching! To think that these people felt that 'the conquest of space was worth the risk of life' is very moving.

I am so glad we went here. To have been touring a place where rockets leave this Earth to see what is happening beyond our planet just astonished me. Thank you for a great day out KSC!

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