Monday, 29 July 2013

Hen Do Help!

On the 11th August it is my older sister's hen do (or bachelorette party to my US buddies!). I have only ever helped organise one hen do and the bride was quite limited on things she could do because she was 8 months pregnant. Still fun though!

This time the bride to be is not pregnant (I hope!) but very picky! Her best friend Carly is the main organiser and she has done a wonderful job so far. Nicola has always been a fan of the races! We have an annual big race day down in the south called Ascot and trust me before Nicola became a Mum she was down at Ascot on ladies day all dulled up!

So this year we are going to the races where we are having a picnic, putting on a few bets and getting all dressed up. The only thing Carly is having trouble with is entertainment for the day like games etc. It is quite a challenge because we will be in a field in the middle of a race track. One of my ideas was to ask Robbie (her fiancé) some questions on a video and Nicola has to guess the answers. We are still thinking of doing that but without the video input as we will have no electricity and I am not taking a laptop with me where there'll be 2000 other people!

Carly and Nicola - Best friends.

So does anyone have any ideas of games/entertainment we could have on the day? Baring in mind our location. For any of my married/engaged friends what did you have at your hen do?

It would be most appreciated.


Janet said...

Oh I am sure you will have a wonderful time!

Laura Anne said...

We did a questionnaire so we had a book with questions we'd asked the groom, and the bride had to guess what he'd answered.

For my friend Carrie's hen day we got an action man doll (though a similar 'barbie dude' would do) and some disposable cameras so people had to take pictures of Action Man getting involved in our day! Her sister also got a t-shirt with a picture on it and fabric pens so we could all write our 'marriage advice' to the bride.

Another friend of mine organised for us all to write messages on fancy paper/card with marriage advice or inspirational quotes so she could make a scrapbook for our friend to make and read with her the night before the wedding. I can't remember if she took pictures of each one of us to go with our card which she was going to get printed off for it.

Another game - you know that one where you write one line of a story, then fold it over, someone makes the next line and so on? My friends did this to 'tell the story of the bride and groom. It was hilarious! I think they left a long sheet of paper outside the bathroom all evening, so people could add a line as they came out the bathroom or something.

Joyce said...

I'm sure it will be a great day! You could record the video on an iphone if someone has one...that way you wouldn't have to fool with a video camera or need any power. Or you could do the same thing, just do it on paper. Have fun!

Gina Gao said...

I hope you guys have fun!

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